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Signs You Just Moved to Charlotte!

Consistently featured on listicals of fastest growing cities, Charlotte is definitely in a boom. With so many newcomers, Charlotte Five took it upon themselves to produce 27 Signs You Just Moved to Charlotte. Here are our favorites!

1. You don’t know why it’s called the Queen City.

Here’s why! Charlotte was chartered before the Revolutionary War (in 1768), and was named to honor the wife of England’s King George III. The county, Mecklenburg, was chosen because of her birthplace in Mecklenburg-Sterlitz in Germany.

2. You call Uptown “downtown.”

The main street epicenters of most towns and cities is commonly referred to as a “downtown.” However, we like to do things a bit different here in the Queen City. The part of town with all the big tall buildings? That’s Uptown! Named so because it is located slightly above the geographical center of the county.

3. You question why all the trees are wearing belts.

Take a drive down Queens Road or any tree lined street in Myers Park and you will likely see old growth trees with black cloth bands around the trunks. No, it’s not a fashion statement- it’s to prevent cankerworms. The material prevents moths from climbing up the trunks and laying eggs, which can hatch cankerworms that cause defoliation.

To read the full list and start your transformation into a true Charlotte-an, visit Charlotte Five!

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