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Ballantyne Residents Concerned About New Home Plans

Ballantyne residents are preparing to fight a new rezoning petition. Developers are focusing on 36 acres of land located across the street from Ardrey Kell High School. The plan consists of 245 units of homes and townhouse. This would increase the amount of students enrolled at the high school from its already large population of 3000 students. Neighbors are worried that this new addition will increase traffic and class size, and decrease overall quality of life.

Collin Brown is the representative for the developers and has stated his plans to meet with local members of the community. He admits that the largest concern at this time is traffic. The area in question is already zoned for residential but the new rezoning petition would increase the homes allowed per acre from three to six. Many residents feel that the area is already overcrowded and that adding these homes would only exacerbate current traffic problems.

A final decision about this petition will not be made until early next year. Many other groups besides the developers will have to weigh in including the School District, Department of Solid Waste Service, and the Fire Department. Until then, residents will have plenty of opportunities to voice their concerns.

To read more about the proposed plans and the impact they will have in the area, be sure to check out the full article at charlotte

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