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PGA Championship Attracts 200,000 Visitors to Ballantyne

The week of August 7th, Quail Hollow Club will become a major golf mecca as it hosts the 2017 PGA championships. According to Charlotte officials, the major event will attract over 200,000 people to the city. The influx of people will have a major affect on parking and traffic throughout the city for the entirety of the week. For those who are wondering how the event will affect parking, here are some tips about what to expect.

Parking in neighborhoods near the Quail Hollow Golf Course will be restricted to one side of the street and Gleneagles Road will be completely closed to through traffic for the majority of each day during the week. Staff from the Traffic Management Center will be on site to help deal with any complications that arise from the congestion.

For people who are planning on attending this event, certain items are not allowed on the premises. These items include backpacks of any size, personal electronics, oversized chairs, banners or posters, food and beverages, and alcohol. A free shuttle will be running from the event parking to the course for the convenience of the people attending.

For more detailed information on the event including where to park, the television schedule, and the event schedule for the week, be sure to check out the full article at:

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