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Bison Burgers are on the menu in Waverly

Restaurants, shops, a spa, and medical offices are opening rapidly in the multi-use community of Waverly on Providence Road off I-485 in South Charlotte. The newest addition is the 47th location of CNN founder Ted Turner and Longhorn Steakhouse founder George McKerrow’s Ted’s Montana Grill, featuring an extensive menu of bison dishes.

After facing near extinction in the 19th century from overhunting, the American bison population has rebounded in recent decades. A childhood fascination with the bovine grazers led Turner to dream of “bringing bison back.” Today, he is the largest bison rancher in the United States, with 55,000 animals in stock.

Turner and McKerrow believe the best way to save bison is to create a demand for them. Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. Since opening the first Ted’s Montana Grill in 2002, the business partners point out that the bison population has doubled nation-wide.

Ted’s Montana Grill is open every day of the year except Christmas for lunch and dinner. The Bison Nachos are a popular starter. Entree options include bison burger variations (including a “skinny” bunless option with avocado), Bison meatloaf or pot roast, and premium cuts such as filet, Kansas City Strip, and Delmonico ribeye. For those less adventurous diners, the menu also features beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian options. A variety of sides are offered. Squash casserole, parmesan broccoli, 50/50 French fries and onion rings, and buttered carrots are just a small sampling.

Waverly advertises that residents’ commutes are measured “by steps, not miles.” Ted’s Montana Grill is just one of a diverse selection of restaurants opening in the flourishing community.

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