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It's sizzling outside and so is the housing market in Charlotte!

It's that time of year when buying and selling is hot, and the market here in the Charlotte region is on fire!

Home sales in the Charlotte region rocketed with a 20.4% increase in May vs one year ago (Charlotte Regional Realtor Association). Month over month, sales increased12.8% May vs April. On Average, homes sold in May had been listed for 127 days, 10 days less than this time last year and sellers are getting 94.9% of their original asking price.

In a healthy market there should be a 6 month supply of homes and the Charlotte area is sitting at about a 3.9 month of housing inventory. Despite limited inventory, we're continuing to see steady monthly home sales with increasing prices and shorter home listing periods.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, its a good time to get into this blazing market.

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