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Do You Know Your City? Quick, Need-to-Know Facts About Waxhaw, NC

If you’re from Waxhaw, you’re familiar with its historic charm and small town feel that makes it the best kept secret in the Charlotte area.

Originally called Wysacky, Waxhaw (located 20 miles south of Charlotte and just North of the South Carolina border) is the third oldest town in Union county. Founded in1889, it was named after the indigenous Native American tribe that inhabited the area before the mid 1700s.

The centerpiece of Waxhaw would be the railroad which was finished in the late 1800’s. The opening of the railroad (which was laid in the center of town to show its importance to the community) created access to the Alantic markets creating prosperity for the small town. Today, you can walk the quaint downtown and dine at a mom and pop restaurant or a fine dining bistro. You can check out the local market, take a peak inside boutiques or the local art studio, to just name a few.

The most iconic attraction is the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the railroad tracks and was once used for automobiles to cross over, but in 1940 it was designated for pedestrians only. On a daily basis, you can catch adults and children alike standing on the bridge waiting for the train to pass underneath there feet.

And finally, we can’t forget about the scenic water tower, standing tall over downtown Waxhaw. It serves as a beacon for the many citizens who remember playing under it as a child, or for a traveler looking for a small town feel. The impressive structure built in 1940 stands as a symbol for small town America.

With its rich history Waxhaw draws anyone who wants to plant their roots in an active small town community with southern charm.

For more information, you can visit Waxhaw's City website or Wikipedia entry.

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