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What Lower Solar Rates Mean for Charlotte Homeowners


by Jeri Kennedy

How Solar Panels Can Save Charlotte Home Buyers Money

As most of us know, solar panels save energy and are better for the environment and they’re also better for our budgets! The initial investment in solar panels may have you in sticker shock, but just wait– in the long run you’ll get more bang for your buck and this energy efficient source will leave you with more spending money in your wallet.

If you’re not ready to go cold turkey from your local power company that’s okay, one of my favorite things about rooftop solar is you can still source some of your electric from your local power company. Even if only a portion of your electricity is powered by solar panels, you will still save money. The idea that solar power is more costly than the local electric company is not true. Even partially switching to solar will help you cut down on your monthly electric.

This past week, Charlotte Business Journal published an article on the benefits of rooftop solar as they were noted in a recent study at NC State University. The report, Going Solar in America, argues that the common notion that solar is just too expensive for most homeowners is totally untrue. The report calculates that “typical Charlotte customers would save about $57 per month on their electric bills in the first year after installing a solar system. Raleigh customers would save about $49 per month that first year.” If anything, it’s at least worth doing the research to find out how much an investment in a solar rooftop could save you in the long run.

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